Job Hunting Tips

Instead of Marketing Yourself to Millions, Sell Yourself to One

Posted by Jake
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When using a recruitment agency, it’s always best to use the first introduction, whether it be a causal phone conversation or a face to face interview, as your baseline standard for entering the job market. Being presentable, well prepared and punctual are all things that can potentially make you stand out as one of the most highly sought after candidates out there. It is sometimes interpreted that the first interview for a recruitment agency isn’t as defining as your first interview with a potential employer, but its just the opposite. As an agency representing a broad spectrum of job seekers, we want to see your best foot forward, so we can appropriately represent you to hiring managers in the field. This means arriving with your ‘homework’ done, being prepared to answer questions about potential gaps in employment history, as well as being effective in your communication of your skills and background. Use this moment to be the best that you can be and ‘strut your stuff’. After all, your recruiter will know how to gauge whether you’ve got what it takes and how to present this in your favour. Use it as a practice run and become the best you can be because in the real world, you may not get that second chance to impress.  

It’s all too common to see job seekers who sell themselves ‘too’ much during interviews. It’s essential to be honest about who you are and what you are and are not able to achieve. Using your past experiences and skills to market yourself correctly, can contribute to your success, but only if done accurately. This means being honest about what you are knowledgeable in and what challenges you. Whether you are honest and transparent in the interview or not may not affect you getting the job, but your results and performance will reflect this at some point down the track. We want to ensure that not only is the role appropriate for you but also that you are appropriate for the employer. There’s nothing worse than having both sides being let down and left discouraged when an employment negotiation goes south and there’s no way to recover. Remember, we want the best for you on both sides of the hiring process so be honest, upfront and don’t over do it.

When you’re in the job market and searching for your next role, sometimes you don’t really have time or the opportunity to be able to be particular about who you want to work for or goals you want to achieve during your career. This can sometimes be over looked by the process of ensuring you have job security because money does in fact pay the bills! Having the confidence about where you want to work and what you want in a new role not only can make your future goals achievable but as well, helps your recruiter narrow down the opportunities which best suit your motivators. This means doing some research about ideal employers, making a list of those companies you want to be a part of, as well as those roles and salary expectations on your wish list. As recruiters, we establish connections with a diverse pool of businesses every day, therefore making us aware of who you’re keen to work with. They may already be one of our established and well connected hiring manager and we could be your foot in their door!