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Frog Recruitment and people2people: a Formidable New Alliance

Posted by Mark
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In the very competitive recruitment and staffing industry, it is rare to find two organisations that have aligned values and purpose - to make a difference through innovation and enterprise. I was delighted, then, to be introduced to Jane Kennelly from Frog Recruitment earlier this year, and now, to announce the fact that both people2people and Frog Recruitment are joining forces in New Zealand.

Our partnership is founded on the shared values of strength, teamwork, respect, integrity, drive and enterprise. Both organisations seek out opportunities to build teams and careers for our clients. We take risks to innovate our processes, we find the best talent, fast and assist job seekers in a way that offers an experience different from the competition.

Shannon Barlow and the team at people2people entered the New Zealand market in 2017 and have built a strong business, particularly in the accounting and legal sectors. We entered into this partnership with Frog as it became very clear that by combining forces, we could amplify Frog Recruitment’s innovation and ideas throughout Australia and build on Frog’s 17 years of success in providing leading-edge recruitment services throughout NZ. Frog’s expertise in sales, marketing, HR and government recruitment compliments people2people in NZ. By combining people2people’s Australian footprint and technology with Frog’s reputation and innovation in NZ, we are able to offer a unique service throughout both countries.

On a personal level, both Jane and I are committed to the recruitment industry. As is nearly always the case, we both fell into the industry but our reasons for staying are very closely aligned. I have committed my career to this industry because I know that recruiters can change lives. We actively participate in people’s life decisions, whether it be to hire new staff into their teams or pursuing a new career opportunity. I have never lost the sense of satisfaction that comes with being part of this process and it was a delight to meet Jane who also shares this view.

Together both Frog and people2people recruit quality talent throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are the Kiwi and Australian owned alternative to the multinationals, providing a local choice with a multinational capability. Combined, Frog and people2people are a formidable force and I am keen to share our success with Jane and the team at Frog in the coming years.

If you would like to know more about our partnership please contact Shannon Barlow our Managing Director in New Zealand and visit www.people2people.co.nz