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How to Put Your Best Foot Forward When Temping

Posted by Michaela
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​We anticipate temping will continue to increase as our employment market remains unsettled, which means people will be attracted to give temping a go.

“Good on you!” we say, because it is a very viable way to earn an income, so we thought we would share important pieces of advice, to make sure you stand out positively in each and every assignment. Yes, most of these are common sense, but it never hurts to be reminded about what is expected when you work as a temporary on your new assignment – and we can confirm…great temps are usually seldom out of work! Read on…

#1 Breaks / Lunch Breaks

Check with your employer contact regarding instructions/preferences around when you take breaks and your lunch break. Firstly, be sure to take your breaks. Secondly, most employers will have set times for you to take your breaks – particularly if you need to fit in around others – so check this out.

#2 Mobile Phones

Turn OFF or have on SILENT while you are at work. Make sure you have a voice mail facility set up, or advise your callers to text you as opposed to leaving a message – then you can turn the phone off while you are hard at work and retrieve your messages during breaks. All personal calls should be kept to emergencies only.

#3 Email

Do not access your private emails from an employer’s PC. It is not unusual for organisations to audit internet usage of all PCs and it is not professional.
Do not use the employers email address for personal purposes. Remember – all employer communications are confidential to them.

#4 Social Networking

These are personal sites, not work sites. Unless you have received expressed permission from the employer, do not access these sites on assignment.
As well, stay away from posting comments on Facebook or other social media, about the employers’ business, where you are working or the work you are doing. As you read this you might be thinking how obvious this is…but we can confirm that each suggestion is on the list because of issues that have occurred.

#5 Internet Usage

Do not access sites that you should not. This is a biggie. Watch out for Trade Me auctions, online shopping, friends’ catch-up sessions or other. This activity must be either done at home or from your own device on your breaks.

#6 Client Phone Lines

Avoid using the employer’s landline to make cell phone or toll calls. It is all too visible these days.

#7 Confidentiality

You have already signed an agreement with us, stating that the work you do for an employer will be treated with total confidentiality – but in this age of security and confidentiality, it’s a good reminder to keep on alert! Do not discuss or divulge any of their information to anyone, including other staff members.

#8 Time off to Attend Interviews

Firstly, we ask you to keep us informed as situations develop – we are here to help.
Secondly, it is important to manage this with professionalism – employers understand that you are seeking permanent or other types of employment but equally, they do not want to be inconvenienced.

If you are unsure or uncomfortable about getting time off for interviews, call us so we can manage your request with our client on your behalf.

#9 Hours of Work

When we first list an assignment, we are advised by our client as to your hours of work. When being confirmed into an assignment, If you are restricted in any way from working the hours stipulated, you must let us know. Sometimes a slight variation might not be an issue, but at other times it could a problem – the key is to talk with us so we have a clear idea of your full availability.

#10 Overtime

Overtime must be discussed with us and agreed by the client. Unauthorised overtime will cause issues, so the best bet is to talk with us ASAP to make sure you have all bases covered!

 Want to know more about temping with Frog Recruitment? Reach out to Michaela Mccourt, our Talentologist – Business Support Services on M 09 869 6254