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Presentations with Flare are Essential

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Isn’t it amazing to think that a conference presenter will rock up to a conference to speak to a high value audience of potential customers without any thought, whatsoever, as to taking the time to create a brand aligned, visually exciting and thoroughly memorable presentation.

In this sophisticated world that we live in where copywriters are on tap to craft your story into a pithy, key message-laden rendition that makes people sit up and listen – and –  creative freelancers can take your information and turn your slides into a deck that adds to the experience in an eye-catching way… so much so that customer enquiries are the result.

No doubt you’ve seen it all; the presenter who reads his/her slides (yawn*) and a PowerPoint presentation using a juxtaposition of fonts, colours and sizes, different transitions on every page and visuals jampacked with information.

In these forums, you have a small window of opportunity to captivate and wow your audience so it’s vital to keep them engaged from start to finish…. And here’s how.

Halo’s Tips & Tricks to guide you when putting a presentation together.

1.    TEXT
Less is more. Refrain from Information overload. The focus should be on your message not the slides – they are merely supporting your verbal content and act as a prompt for you to elaborate on.

Take your cue from your logo and branding. Limit your choice to three colours and then use percentages of these colours.


This gives cohesion and uniformity to your presentation, whilst reaffirming your brand identity.


Percentage colours image

NOTE: Not sure what colours work well together? Check out the basics of colour theory.

As exciting as it is to have multiple fonts to choose from, too many fonts can create visual chaos on the page! A sans serif font e.g. Arial / Helvetica is modern, clean simple – and easier to read on the large screen.

NOTE: Size is everything when you are talking about fonts. Check the size for legibility!

It’s easy to get carried away with ‘transitions’. Have you ever sat through a presentation where each word flew onto the screen individually? Not only does this create immediate disengagement (and quickly), your audience could end up with whip lash!

NOTE: We recommend using one transition throughout the presentation. As a go-to transition, try ‘FADE’. It is subtle and unobtrusive.

Utilise your master slide – it is there to make your life easier. It is great to put your company logo on and any key information that is required on every page e.g. T&C’s, Source Information, watermark imagery. Doing this also reduces the size of your document and potential movement from page to page of repeated elements.

NOTE: It’s here that you can customise the colours, fonts and bullet points

Don’t overuse bullet points.
There are other ways of presenting information e.g.

  • Break your slides up with imagery – ‘A picture paints a thousand words’.

  • Throw in a key quote

  • Insert a relevant video

NOTE: Mix it up to maintain the interest of your audience.

7.    VISUALS (Photography)
Make slides look engaging by adding relevant visuals. People recall information faster when it is accompanied with an appropriate image.

It pays to invest in great imagery, so steer clear of clipart which tends to cheapen your presentation – especially if you have ‘borrowed it’ and you can see the watermark of the photo library encased in it!


Use imagery with a high resolution and a clear background – they are easier to slot into presentations.

NOTE: Remember White Space is a good thing – don’t feel obliged to fill the page!

There are great photo stock libraries and royalty free images available for sourcing your imagery

NOTE: Check out  This is an exciting new library specifically geared towards female entrepreneurs. 

Floral Image

Always check your material, and even better still, get a couple of colleagues to check it for you. It pays to never rely solely on Spell Check!

NOTE: It is all too easy to miss your own mistakes when you’ve been looking at a document for too long.

Press and hold the Shift key while resizing shapes and other objects to keep their proportions consistent.

NOTE: This is handy if you want to resize a circle without accidentally turning it into an oval.

10.    SCREEN / AV
Pre-presentation, always have a run through at the venue. How often we have seen a technical issue thwart a presentation! It’s both frustrating for you as the presenter, and incredibly annoying for the audience.

Check that your fonts are legible from the back of the room and can easily be viewed in the provided lighting.

NOTE: If you have unique fonts these will need to be loaded onto the system or embedded into the presentation otherwise they won’t show.

F4  Repeats your last command

F4 image

Summary: With the demands of our customer groups reaching new heights regarding expectations, and the importance of ensuring an audience is engaged and excited by your information (so much so that they want to talk to you and buy from you). All the more reason to make sure you are polished, composed and visually appealing, each and every time you step up to the lectern.

Gabrielle Image

Halo was established with the purpose of creating effectively designed presentations that make an impact, not only to engage and impress, but to help your message hit home! 

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