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Stand Up. Stand Out as an Employer

Posted by Samantha
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​If recent data that states that 70% of candidates are passive job seekers, then finding the right person for the job has never been harder.  As companies struggle to be noticed the key is to stand out, which luckily can be done with a little creative thinking.

Culture is Key

Workplace culture (apart from salary) is the most important factor that job seekers consider when looking for employment.

This means it is critically important to share your company’s values in your job descriptions – but this is more than just writing a blurb about your company (although do that too).

  • Be clear on the type of person who would fit in. What characteristics should that person have? Sense of humour, passion, creativity, or sense of adventure are some possibilities.

  • Knowing the type of person, you want; identify the best place to find them on social media, e.g. a LinkedIn group, Twitter, or Facebook group.

  • Establish your company on that site by leaving interesting and insightful posts that show who you are. By building relationships with potential candidates around common interests, you will get strong applications once you announce your job opening on the forum.

Stand Out on Social Media

Recruiting using social media is increasingly now the way to go. Millennials, operate almost exclusively on their mobile phones, so all your advertisement and job descriptions should be optimized for mobile apps.

Not only will your business appear contemporary and forward looking, it will allow you to target potential applicants who have shared interests and are therefore more likely to engage with your job posting.

It makes it very easy for people who are not in the job market to share the information instantly with someone they know will be interested with a few taps on their phone.

Tip: be sure to include a “Call to Action” when advertising. It encourages interested candidates to express interest immediately before they scroll onto something else.  i.e. experts recommend using a simple phrase with a verb * for the best results, such as “Tell us about you” “Join our team,” and then link to a page where they can start an online application.

We don’t have a choice whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it – Erik Qualman

Show Your Enjoyment

Everyone likes to have feel valued and appreciates an employer who understands that quality of life in the workplace = business success.

  • Video: Why not have your employees make a light-hearted video on YouTube telling stories about their achievements or talking about what makes the company unique.

  • Podcasts: Record a podcast(s) describing the position(s) and introducing potential candidates to key colleagues and managers. This will not only set you apart from other companies but will allow you to introduce your company to a range of potential hires.

Those who particularly like what they hear will be more eager to apply and those who wouldn’t fit in will self-select themselves out, making the whole recruiting process much more efficient.

Finally, some useful resources to help with these oh so important subjects!

How to write call to action copy that gets visitors clicking

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