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Temping as a 2020 Option

Posted by Michaela
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As work becomes redefined, an option for work to explore whilst you are making decisions, is temping.

Once upon a time the world of temping was classified as a last resort, receptionist, mail person, data entry type of gig… but we are pleased to report – things have changed!

From making money, keeping busy, figuring out what you are passionate about; if you are at a point in your life where you need to take stock, temping is an ideal work option to investigate.

Add to this the variety of industries and options on offer such as construction, analytics, education, finance, healthcare, project administration/coordination, technology – and the ‘new norm’ sees companies readily and openly calling for a temp to assist.

5 Reasons to try temping

#1 New roles, industries and companies

Temping opens a whole new world of possibilities. It offers you the chance to work with different companies in various industries as you try out new roles.

As you explore what working in an organisation entails, you could eventually land an opportunity that is in line with your passion.

#2 Promotes networking

One of the ways you can discover what you are keenly interested in is by being around people who share your interests. A temporary job can act as a network-building dream.

Developing strong relationships with those you interact within your temping jobs by sharing your interests and enthusiasm will go a long way in linking you with the right type of firms and contacts as you develop your professional network.

#3 Flexibility

As we know, life is more than just working to earn a living. Other responsibilities require your attention as well, including family, school, fitness, and healthy lifestyle, among others.

Temps enjoy the flexibility of choosing the hours and months they wish to work, which allows them time to take a holiday, spend quality time with family, volunteer, enjoy a four-day working week, work flexible hours and unwind as they focus on the next move.

Flexible working hours will enable you to pursue a passion, write a book, train for a marathon or attend a course, or run your own business which is why temping is a rewarding option for those looking for such opportunities.

#4 Keeping in touch

Apart from a pandemic, some of the drivers of change in the employment arena include new technologies, new job design, government intervention, exploration of new markets or reduction in market share or an influx of millennials joining the job market, among others.

As a result, employers need to pivot their operational structures to remain relevant and this will include hiring temporary support if they do not have the necessary skills in-house or only require assistance for a period.

The knock-on-effect is that temping helps you acquire multiple skill sets which means you remain in touch with changing business needs, trends, systems and you may eventually bump into a line of work that connects with your interests.

#5 Builds your confidence

Pursuing something for the first time, adjusting to a new workplace or remote work environment and reporting to a new manager is quite a challenge – yet at the same allows you to develop an enviable adaptability and resilience that sees you try your hand in new territory with a confidence and inner reserve that is to be applauded.

Swinging from one temporary position into another, with a change of company, manager and possibly industry builds your confidence to the extent of you becoming a ‘new-age’ worker who quickly adapts, listens and interprets; taking the unknown in your stride.

Finally, with temping it is not unusual to discover what you love doing most of all, after checking out multiple temporary opportunities, but you will be more willing to pursue the ideal because you will have less fear.

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