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The Importance of Engaging Twilight Workers

Posted by Jane
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​We recently had the opportunity to creatively interact with an employer who was looking for innovative ways to utilise contractors inside their organisation. There are plenty of ways to do this effectively – but one notion that genuinely struck a chord was the use of ‘Twilight workers’.

What are Twilight Workers?

When we talk about Twilight workers, we aren’t talking about ‘people that only come out as the sun goes down’… we’re referring to workers who are in the latter years of their career.

Perhaps they’ve already officially retired? Or perhaps they are no longer interested in the 9-5 grind that has defined them throughout most of their careers?

Whatever the reason, they are, however, still keen to work. Typically, they’re looking for part-time opportunities, short-term options or projects that allow them to continue to use their skills and connections effectively without the draining requirements of full-time work. This means that working as a contractor can be an ideal solution for both employer and contractor.

The Benefits of Using Twilight Workers

Engaging with Twilight workers on a contract basis to deal with short-term work spikes, to manage projects across your organisation that your current employee resource either hasn’t got the band-width or skill-set to take on, for those situations requiring a wise-head, has many benefits for your workplace.

When might engaging Twilight workers be a business opportunity:

1. Provide a competitive edge inside your business and within your industry. These Twilight workers have often spent years in the field. They may have specific insight that is otherwise missing in your company or your department. By working with them, you can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise gained over the course of their career.

2. Help address talent shortages. Many industries are currently facing a significant shortage of highly qualified workers. If you need talent, why not turn to a pool that has already produced a great deal of it and contributed much to the industry? Twilight contractors help reduce recruitment challenges and prevent unwanted turnover in your business.

3. Solve problems. They may be able to offer insights about how to improve efficiency and better workplace performance. They’ve been in the industry for years, developed a great deal of experience, and seen how others have done it and can bring that deep learning to your business.

4. Genuinely understand the needs of your industry. Offering feedback about your business needs allows an eager contributor the chance to share their experience and keep their skills sharp.

In short, keeping an open mind regarding the Twilight talent available in today’s environment is one sure-fire way to successfully negotiate the raft of business situations that arise – just when you least expect it!

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