​6 Work Lessons My Office Dog Taught Me

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Our dogs make great companions, but did you know that these four-legged friends can teach us a thing or two about being a successful employee? 

Ruff! Yes, it true.

Positivity, sincerity, and curiosity can go a long way in terms of your pooch getting his favourite treat so could imitating the very qualities that makes your pooch so lovable, benefit you in the office and beyond?  We think so. Read on…


Typically, no matter what’s going on around them, dogs have a knack of being able to focus on the positive. They could be left at home, lose their favourite toy, or not feel well, and yet they will still be wagging their tail when you walk through the door, eager for a cuddle on the couch.

Staying positive amid turmoil at work is a good professional strategy to use; we're more productive and relaxed when we're able to focus on the good in the day rather than the bad. (NOTE: Couch cuddles are not included as recommended office advice.) 



Work shouldn't be serious or stressful all the time. 2020 has proven this to be true without a shred of doubt. To stay energised and focused on your most important tasks, try to make time for fun at your job, too.

Give yourself permission to be creative, break the rules on occasion, and take breaks when you need them. You will feel rejuvenated when you return to your responsibilities, and Mable or Scooter will certainly approve.  


Letting Go

One of the best qualities a dog has, is their ability to forgive and forget. Perhaps Spot got in trouble for digging the lawn again? Well, an hour later he has forgotten all about it and is back to his jovial self again. We could learn a thing or two from this mentality. Rather than getting hung up on our mistakes and setbacks in the office, take the time to learn from it and strive to do better next time. Holding onto the past will only hurt you in the long run – and after all, we are human!


Sniffing & Curious

It can be easy to fall into a rut work, especially if in the same position for some time. When feeling uninspired, bored, unmotivated, or lazy, seek out opportunities to challenge yourself by learning something new.

How can you make your job easier, more efficient, or more entertaining? Being curious is a good habit to master and opportunities for improvement are always available if you take the time to sniff around a bit. 


Be Yourself

Authenticity rules the day! It is hard to trust a person who is pretending to be something they're not which is one reason dogs are so charming; they aren't afraid to be themselves.

If you are feeling the pressure to put on a show for your boss or co-workers to respect you, think again. Rather than exaggerating to make aspects of yourself seem different than they are, be yourself. You may be surprised by just how much others appreciate the traits that make you special.



When you incorporate love into how you do your job, it shows. Not only do your peers and customers notice, but the people above you will as well.

Dogs are known for the unconditional love they give to everyone around them, regardless of who they are or what they have to offer. They give freely without expecting anything in return, and people appreciate them for it.

By mimicking this approach, you're sure to make everyone around you feel great, yourself included!


Final yelp!

People can learn a lot from their dogs, especially when it comes to thriving in the workplace. Whether you just landed your first job or have been running your own company for many years, becoming a happier, more productive, likable employee could be a s simple as behaving like a dog!

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