Working with us

Our Talentologists treat Career Seekers as a vital part of the talent process and in doing so lead the way in setting new industry standards.

Representing each of our Career Seekers personal brands, they determine their career goals and act as their advocate - a role long overlooked by the industry.

Our team of specialist dedicated Talentologists are our secret weapon in helping our clients ‘win the war for talent’ by acting as an advocate for each individual.

This is more than just lip-service. The importance of the Career Seeker representation cannot be underestimated.



We think our unique and Career Seeker focussed approach will not only enable you to stand out from the crowd, but provide you with the best possible representation of your personal brand. DISCOVER MORE


With an estimated 34% of the US workforce comprising of Contractors, the trend towards organisations tapping into the on-demand workforce is very evident in New Zealand - and it's anticipated to increase in popularity. Frog offers a comprehensive Contracting service to assist you in obtaining Contracting opportunities. DISCOVER MORE


The Frog Temp Team are an enthusiastic, adept bunch of industry experts who get a kick out of being fully immersed in the pace and demands of running a top-notch temporary staffing business. In today’s dynamic business environment, coordinating a flexible workforce is no easy feat but the Frog team see magic happening every day due to the extraordinary Temp Career Seeker community who represent us in our client’s offices on a myriad of assignments. DISCOVER MORE



Accounting + Finance

Be it permanent, contract or temporary opportunities, we’ve got you covered. Our Talentologists have been building talent networks in this area for fourteen years and a significant percentage of our business and talent comes from word of mouth or referrals, so we are proud to know we’re doing the right things. When working with Frog, we walk in your shoes and take the time to listen and determine the best opportunities for you.

Business Support Services

The role of the business support professional has grown both in popularity and content. The solid demand for experts in this area has seen 36% growth in the last eighteen months, with this trend likely to continue.
Flexibility, professionalism, top-notch skills and an exemplary work ethic are all the hallmarks of great Business Support talent.
Hand in hand, is the utter desire to ensure our Career Seeker community are exposed to diverse and interesting opportunities inside a wide range of organisational cultures, industry sectors and companies, both large and small.

Human Resources

Human Resources is the fast growing career portfolio in our Career Seeker community and has been for three years. It’s no wonder with the pace of change inside organisations being so dynamic - HR practitioners are being called on to make an impact and lead people strategies.
Discovering new ideas, developing contemporary HR strategies, driving organisational redesign, creating agility and flexibility, implementing engagement initiatives, focussing on retention as well as future workforce planning needs, assisting to flatten the hierarchical structure, building collaborative cultures, driving organisational performance and meeting the demands of a global workforce, is all at the helm of Human Resources these days - and it's a tall order.


Good legal advice can make all the difference to a company. It can give business owners the confidence to conduct their business without fear of falling into unknown legal traps and enable them to deal with and move past any issues that may arise. It’s a critical function and requires legal staff who are methodical, ethical and have the best interests of the company at heart.

Marketing + Communications

Positioning ourselves as your professional marketing recruitment agency comes with a big splash of orange and a whole lot of personality.
We understand the marketing industry is continually developing and with all this movement comes opportunities, the need to continually grow, upskill and challenge yourself. Knowing the market, means hanging out in places where you hang out.  When it comes to representing your personal brand in the market place - and rest assured, we've got your brand.


New Zealand’s population is growing. With growth comes the need for more residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties and professionals who can build, maintain and manage them.
We have access to a pool of opportunities with the best of NZ's brands, and to candidates who not only possess commercial and technical skills but are innovative, forward thinking and highly capable.


Our Talentologists are in the enviable position to hear the views of sales people day in, day out.  As a vocal group, we know you are clear about what you want and don’t want. It’s our role as ‘indispensable recruitment advisors’ to convey this to our employers. We’ve made it our business to have the latest information available to you including industry research and salary comparisons. We’ve got your back.

Supply Chain Management

There are some areas in Operations that fall outside our typical reach – for example transportation, logistics and machine operation. However ‘smack bang in the comfort zone’ are areas such as: Account Managers, Business Analysts, Contracts Management, Procurement, Project Managers and Supply Chain.


Technology Professionals are often astonished at the objective career advice that is on offer through Frog.   Why? Just think back to the last recruitment process you were involved with and the things that you wished were in place. ‘Recruitment irks’ typically fall into the categories of: No contact.  No information.  So after all this you are probably getting the feeling that we know our stuff in technology recruitment, right? We do. Across all facets. You can only be this confident when you have industry experts on the team.



We think our unique and candidate focussed approach will not only enable you to stand out from the crowd, but provide you with the best possible representation of your personal brand. Keen to hear more? Click here to find out what you can expect from working with us.

  • "​I have been a client with Frog for years. Their service, support, accuracy and understanding for each individual role is exceptional. They truly go above and beyond to gain insight of our core business, culture, brand, characters + requirements, + never fail to deliver top quality candidates perfectly suitable for..."

    S Evans
  • "​I have found Frog to be one of the most innovative, forward thinking recruitment agencies that I have dealt with and I certainly view them as market leaders. Not only do they think outside the square and constantly think about how they could do things better or in a more..."

    J Davis
  • "​Working with Frog is a pleasure. They always provide us with great service. Frog understands our culture and has placed some great candidates for our organisation. Frog's efficient and speedy approach makes it very easy to work with them, and their ability to always take on any feedback that we..."

    V Patel
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Frog from both a candidate and a client perspective and both experiences have been exceptional. Frog has a fresh outlook on recruitment strategies that is second to none. Don’t hesitate to engage Frog for your next recruitment campaign or to assist you..."

    L Shilliday
  • "Frog have so many strengths - they are innovative, creative, responsive, dynamic - and they take their role as your recruitment partner very seriously. They take great effort to understand and keep up-to-date with our business needs - they understand and share our vision and values and they represent us..."

    B Davies