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Identifying an A+ individual with the potential to make an impact on the bottom line takes planning. These people are not strolling around the corridors of business thinking about their next role.  They are focussed on making significant impacts in their current work environment and progressing professionally towards personally defined goals.  They may not actively be engaging with the marketplace as a jobseeker.  “So how do we find them?” you may well ask.

The same way you might prefer to be found if you were in the same situation. With finesse, by a discerning and expert authority who prefers intriguing options that just can’t be ignored.

The first part of the art of talent identification lies in the research phase.  It starts with a full diagnosis of the organisational dynamic e.g. culture, marketplace, competition, strategies, for instance.  It is then augmented with your expectations for the new talent you wish to acquire.

Then science meets art.  And the art takes the lead with engagement. It is the art of knowing that there are people with exceptional talents who might not have considered roles or industries or ideas outside of their current experiences. It is the art of defining an opportunity in a manner unique to the expert talent; it is the art of starting a dialogue about their advancement.  E.g.  How did Frog find and lure a Senior HR Manager who needed to speak French to consider a role in Nigeria (yes, a real opportunity) for a Singaporean company?  It was the human touch that delivered this result.

Some organisations subcontract this vital work to teams of researchers offshore which explains why unique needs of New Zealand organisations are often not realised until a bad recruiting decision has been made – and a non-recoverable mammoth fee has disappeared into an offshore account.

Distinctive talent is sourced from offshore and even more often, we are tempting some of New Zealand’s finest to come home for the role of their lives. These people aren’t accessed easily through traditional recruitment processes and networks because we have moved into a more diversified marketplace for talent therefore must have more diversified talent acquisition practices.

Gone are the days of the big half page advertisement, and we hasten to add, the enormous recruitment fees.  In their place is a savvy recruitment expert who excels in the Art of Scientific Talent Acquisition.

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    S Evans
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    J Davis
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    V Patel
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Frog from both a candidate and a client perspective and both experiences have been exceptional. Frog has a fresh outlook on recruitment strategies that is second to none. Don’t hesitate to engage Frog for your next recruitment campaign or to assist you..."

    L Shilliday
  • "Frog have so many strengths - they are innovative, creative, responsive, dynamic - and they take their role as your recruitment partner very seriously. They take great effort to understand and keep up-to-date with our business needs - they understand and share our vision and values and they represent us..."

    B Davies