The team at Frog


​Having started in recruitment in 1987, Jane Kennelly opened the Frog doors to make an orange splash in the recruitment scene in 2002, as a management and business services recruitment company.

At this time, the ‘war for talent’ was on everyone’s lips. Candidates were vocal about wanting a memorable experience with their recruitment company and feeling tired about being ignored in the recruitment process, these technologically savvy individuals were clear about expectations.

You could say, this was the start of the understanding of the importance of employment branding!


To cater to this catch cry, from Day 1, Frog set up a team of talent experts, specifically devoted to the attention of candidates. This team, later to become officially known as the “Talentology Team’, still demonstrate this unique point of difference to this very day.

Reflecting on the last years, Jane feels very proud to have work with such talented consultants who delivered on the vision for Frog, which was to be significantly more than your standard transactional recruitment business.

She and the team got a kick out of innovating within the industry and acting as ‘custodians of employer brands and custodians of personal brands’. They were fascinated about technology enabling an amplified experience for all customer groups and were committed to offer a more ‘human kindness’ service.



Community and wellbeing initiatives have seen Frog put their hearts behind environmental projects such as saving endangered native Frogs; positive mental health in the workplace through NZ Top Office Dog of the Year; supporting women in business via the Fantail Network and involvement with a nationwide education based career programme called WorkChoice.

After 18 years of making their mark, Jane led the transition of Frog to new ownership with people2people, a well-known Australian recruitment group. This was to set the future for Frog because people2people’s trailblazing with technology has seen Frog ramp up capability in a way that had not been seen in New Zealand before.


As champions for equality in the workplace, and work wellbeing, Frog is excited about building on the legacies created by Jane.​