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The Recruiter’s Counter Offer

Posted by Sarah
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As a recruiter, we are trained in how to deal with counter offers as soon as we start our careers. It’s the nature of our business. However I have a new found respect for how difficult a counter offer can be, due to my recent move from one of Australasia’s largest recruitment agencies to people2people’s new Auckland office. So after negotiation with both parties and talking to everyone in my life who would listen about the pros and cons of staying and leaving, it was the training I received when I started in recruitment which was the ultimate decider for me.

So here it is, the million dollar question; have your reasons for leaving changed?

Did you choose to leave just based on a dollar amount or was there more to your decision? For me it was culture and progression. I knew that while I could stay in the safety of my former position,  I had more chance to build my own reputation with a brand new business and I knew it was right for me, because, ultimately and more importantly, my reasons for leaving hadn’t changed.

So to those of you battling the counter offer, simply ask yourself;  “have my reasons for leaving changed?” To my fellow recruiters, be gentle. This could be the biggest decisions of your candidate’s career and the best thing you can do, is support them and explain all their options.