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Usp Or The Way Things Ought-ta Be?

Shannon Barlow Posted by Shannon
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USP OR The Way Things Ought-ta Be?

As the people2people recruitment group expands into a new market in New Zealand, I find myself being asked on a regular basis about our USP. Unique Selling Point.  I guess it’s just a shorter way of asking why you should choose us? But it’s always struck me as an arrogant way to promote yourself.  Unless you have actually invented something new, how can you claim that your service/technology/process is unique?

Here are some of people2people’s selling points that are not necessarily unique, but most recruitment agencies would be ‘hard pressed’ to match.

A long reach through Social media

Strong employee retention

  • In the 12+ years of operation, only 6 employees have left people2people to work with a competitor agency
  • Over 40% of staff have been with the business more than 5 years

So the grass is not greener and we like being part of the p2p family!


Apart from that, it’s more about the little but important things we do well.  Working with integrity and valuing long term relationships over quick wins are part of the people2people DNA.  So when dealing with a p2p consultant, here are some of things you can expect:

Most of the time we will be able to help you with your job/staff search, but if we don’t have a solution for you straight away, we’ll let you know, rather than string you along with empty promises.

A Professional Service  
For hiring managers, that means we will take a thorough brief to understand your needs and only send through suitable, vetted job seekers who can meet those needs.  We are not a ‘flick and stick’ kind of place!

For job seekers, we take the time to explore what’s important to you in your next career move, so we can be more targeted in where we represent you.  And you don’t have to worry about your resume being sent out here, there and everywhere; we will always ask for your permission before disclosing your information to a potential employer.

Again, by no means, do I think we’re the only recruitment agency who holds and lives by these types of values, but I have discovered that these seemingly little things that are ingrained in the way I do things, are not an integral element of every recruiter’s modus operandi.