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Why I Became a Recruiter

Kirsty Henegan Posted by Kirsty
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I don't think anyone grows up thinking that they would like to become a recruiter.

Most recruiters I meet always have a story as to how they have ended up in the role. My story goes that a close friend of mine from University ended up working as a Resourcer with a recruitment company in Australia. She told me the ins and outs of the role, and with my background in sales, I thought I could do that!

Funnily enough, I managed to land my first recruitment job through my partner's ex-girlfriend: she was going to be my manager (could have been awkward, I know!) but decisions were made and I ended up working in the Manchester branch in the UK instead. 

Getting into recruitment was the best move I could have made in my career.

I had been travelling, worked in face to face fundraising and different areas of retail, but I was never going to progress in these areas. Recruitment has given me the opportunity to enhance my skills and experience, and has taken me into the next level of my career. I always said I could never work in an office-based job, but the fun side of this role is that you constantly get to meet new people (both job seekers and hiring managers) from different backgrounds.

It's a fun and sociable atmosphere and, although the 'recruitment formula' is the same, every day really is different. Don't get me wrong, it is true what I have heard a thousand times since moving to New Zealand:

'Recruitment is like champagne and razor blades.'

But you have to take the good with the bad and celebrate the smallest of wins, you are dealing with people after all. There is no better feeling than when all your hard work pays off and you find that perfect role for your job seeker, and the perfect fit for the hiring manager.