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No, We Don’t Charge You to Find You a Job!

Posted by Yash
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The general question most job seekers ask us when entering the job market is about recruitment fees:

Why should I have to pay recruiters to find me a job?  Or Is it going to come out of my pay?

These questions are all legitimate, especially if you’re entering into the job market for the first time. The answer to the question is simply you don’t pay anything to the recruiters, in fact, it’s illegal. The business contract is between the employers and the recruitment supplier. Not the job seeker. This allows the job seeker to take full advantage of the services provided by their recruitment consultant, for no fee.

The time spent on hiring is time, well spent. 

Employers outsource their recruitment function, so they can spend time on what they do best, running their businesses. They outsource for a variety of reasons, usually, it’s because they do not have the time or access to the resources that someone working in the recruitment industry every day has. This in return saves the employer time sourcing the best talent for their business.

 “Hiring people is an art, not a science, and resumes can’t tell you whether someone will fit into a company’s culture.”  – Howard Schulz

If you’re not happy, then no one’s happy. A good recruiter wants to ensure that your new role is ideal for you and also for your new employer. They will provide you with tips on the role, how to prepare for your interview and what the process involves.

A good recruitment consultant will pride themselves on having a clear understanding of the job seeker’s objectives for the future and the best way in which to represent them to a prospective employer.

A good recruiter will also meet the hiring manager on site when taking the job brief to ensure they have a clear understanding of the role, the working environment, and the hiring manager’s requests.