Job Hunting Tips

A Cheat Sheet to Stand out in a Competitive Market

Aimee Burton Posted by Aimee
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We see hundreds of resumes every week and receive numerous calls from job seekers, so here’s a cheat sheet on what you need to do to ensure you are standing out, in a growingly competitive market.

First off, get your resume right by ensuring it is succinct, sharp and accurate.

  • Dates of employment and education, plus position titles must be accurate and break up your text with bullet points.
  • Think about your main duties and further responsibilities you have gained and bullet point these.
  • Including key achievements on each role and highlights of your time in that organisation will personalise your resume and demonstrate that you are reflective, which is an attractive quality.

After you have applied, please follow up with a call to the relevant recruitment consultant/hiring manager and explain why you are interested in the position.

We do love to hear from you and obtain a clearer understanding of why you want to be considered. If there is an abundance of response for the advertisement, it’s likely you will jump ahead in the process, by giving us a call. Even if this isn’t the case, we will be able to give you feedback on the spot, of why you may or may not be suitable.

If you are invited in to meet with people2people…

  • Plan your commute and make sure you’re here on time. If it so happens that you are running late then please give us a call.
  • Make sure you bring a notepad and pen with you and make notes. Write down the roles we speak to you about and action points.
  • For the majority of support positions, we will ask you to participate in testing, so once you receive the link to this, please complete as soon as you can, as otherwise there will be unnecessary delays in our processes.

If you prove to have a positive and proactive attitude coupled with some relevant experience, then we will have no hesitation in shortlisting you for opportunities within Melbourne’s prestigious law firms.

We have plenty of legal support opportunities available for all levels in Melbourne’s CBD, so if you’d like to explore further, please don’t hesitate in giving Aimee Burton a call on +613 9098 7433.