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Financial Controllers Sit in Two Camps

Bianca Luck Posted by Bianca
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I’ve been recruiting on behalf of Financial Controllers for many moons.

You typically fall into two camps when it comes to managing the crazy stress of financial year end:

  • You recruit temporary staff
  • You don’t recruit temporary staff

All businesses are different. I get that it’s not always black and white. But here are some of the trends I’ve experienced working with both camps.

You recruit:

  • Proactively start the recruitment process in May to ensure you recruit the ‘cream of the crop’ of temporary talent
  • Provide a clear buffer between the start date and project deadline to allow time for the temporary person to thrive
  • Reduce team stress and create a happier team culture
  • Work less overtime
  • Spend more time working on the business strategy
  • View the additional cost as an investment rather than an expense

You don’t recruit:

  • Always have a mountain of work pending, number crunching slaves to financial year end pressures
  • Are stressed out and have higher employee attrition rates
  • Less patience with your team
  • Spend less time profile building, adding value and driving strategic direction
  • Often less inclined to be earmarked for a promotion

Am I biased? Probably.

But I see firsthand the smart Financial Controllers embedding contractors into their business and as a result driving their competitive edge. They’re already working with me to recruit the cream.

So, what are you doing to drive your competitive edge?