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Why Are Soft Skills so Important in 2019?

Posted by Suchitra
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Gone are the days of hard skills being the only defining factors of a job seeker and the only reason they can secure a new job.

In the contemporary job market, a job seeker’s soft skills are slowly becoming more and more important, to create a profile which adds value to a business. Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital Trends Report has shown that company executives are now valuing soft skills to pave the way for employee retention, leadership and creating/changing company culture.

There are so many different factors which can be construed as ‘soft skills’, but here are a few that are most important when you’re trying to nail the interview and secure the position. They are also useful when you are actually working in the job too!

  • Attitude – this is EVERYTHING. Ensure you’re going to work each day energised and eager to learn and contribute your very best. Don’t do things halfway, and don’t seem disinterested or reluctant to take on new responsibilities. Dive in, have a can-do attitude and don’t treat any task as beneath you.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Control – for some, their emotions rule them, and for others, displaying emotion can be hard. There’s no right or wrong but the biggest thing to remember is keeping your emotions in check when things don’t go your way or when the stress is at its peak. Don’t let the fear and frustration overrule your ability to see things clearly, and allow yourself a minute to take a step back to see the bigger picture.
  • Problem-solving – this requires resilience and your 100% commitment - sometimes the answer isn’t right in front of you, so stand up and ask your team members for their insight, use Google to your advantage and educate yourself, and of course, draw from your own experience to work out a solution. Don’t give up, there’s always a way.
  • Ability to Listen – whether this is in the interview or on the job with your team, hear and understand what’s being said to you, and respond. Don’t listen just to have your say – I guarantee, you’ll miss the most important things.

While these are just a handful of important soft skills, there are many more that are paramount to ensuring your success in interviews and on the job itself – so remember to brush up and refine these, as well as your hard skills, when preparing to meet and speak to hiring managers!