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My First ‘Real’ Job

Posted by Aalia
min read

I stumbled upon the recruitment industry. It felt like it found me, in a way. 

I had just finished my bachelor’s degree in counselling and truly struggled with who I was in the world, what my purpose was and how I was going to fit into that particular industry. The process of being a job seeker was challenging. The constant knockbacks and no feedback was difficult at time but persistence and resilience are key. Being in the position of other job seekers, I get it. I get the struggle. It's the process of waiting for that one employer to provide you with that ‘break’ can take its toll at times.  

Stepping into the corporate world was a massive change. Learning new processes and systems, managing emotions and building connections with my colleagues, building rapport and establishing myself within the company, were all new challenges for me. I guess in a way having no corporate experience was a good thing. I was as green as they come. A ‘freshie.’ To date at people2people, I've been trained by one of the company’s biggest billers, I've learned what corporate life is all about and gained some independence and confidence in myself. Confidence has been my biggest achievement yet. 

Adapting to this new role, with the 2018 growth company of the year, held so many challenges.

Firstly understanding what recruitment is and the process we as recruiters facilitate within the job market. And secondly being managed by one of the Directors of the company, who wears so many hats and can achieve this whilst working part time. 

I learnt that this industry is a commercial one and the reality is, not every job seekers we meet is assisted into a new role. The market is a competitive place and that's something to be noted. Recruitment Consultants go through an extensive process when sourcing for talent, from screening right through to job placements and sadly we can't help everyone who walks through our doors. 

This industry calls upon its leaders in many different ways. Working with one of the Directors, you begin to understand that time management is. A skill that is essential for success. As a recruiter, you will always have what seems like 100 tabs open at one time and your arms and legs are being pulled in all different directions. As a Director, not only are you managing your customers’ expectations, but you are managing your team’s expectations and ensuring that your duties as a Director do not get pushed to the side. 

Working with a Recruitment Consultant who has been in the recruitment industry for 23 years, has earned my respect. In my short time at people2people, I've learnt so much and I credit that to my team but particularly to my manager. It's her ability to build my confidence and skill level, all whilst working reduced hours and balancing my clumsiness and various mistakes. Her patience with me has been the biggest blessing for me, in this role.

Ultimately being a job seeker in the job market is tough and entering the workforce is a daunting experience. However, discovering an industry and team who supports your development is key and essential.