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What I Have Learnt in the Auckland Recruitment Market

Logan Slabbert Posted by Logan
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2019 is flying by, fast! I was ‘fast out of the blocks’ in late 2018 and soon realised that even though recruitment is recruitment, the market in Auckland is so different. The people are amazing and it is only now, as I write this, after 10 months, it feels like I am finding my feet. I have learnt many lessons over the past months but here are the ones that stood out for me.

Line Managers are nicer

Except for one, ‘he who must not be named’ (with apologies to Voldemort), everyone has been so friendly and amazing. Line Managers agree to meet with me and I have been out on the road, meeting them for most of the time. But meeting them is not necessarily guaranteeing their business. Line Managers are loyal to their current suppliers and it has been difficult to win them over. I am sure that with time and asking the right questions I will be able to win their business, as I want their loyalty too.

Skill shortage is a real crisis

Coming from a country (South Africa) with an extremely high unemployment rate, I never really understood the skill shortage. Being in New Zealand, a country with an extremely low unemployment rate, I do feel the crunch that there is just not enough talent to fill the gaps. There is a massive need for experienced staff in almost all sectors, but just not enough people to fill the vacancies. It has taken some real creativity to find the right talent for our clients. 

Job seekers are humble and not demanding

I have met with job seekers who may have been lawyers in their country of origin and yet, cannot find employment in New Zealand, usually due to not having local experience. I have seen, first hand, these people working as for example, cleaners and baristas, with a smile on their faces. After meeting with them, they are happier than ever. They appreciate not having a highly stressful job, that could suck the life right out of them.


Most of the businesses in New Zealand are small with an average staff count of 1-20. Being a small business, the employees are a lot more versatile and able to play various roles within an organisation.  There is not a lot of hierarchy growth but rather more personal growth and development. It is not strange to see the Accountant making a presentation on sales or procurement.

It’s not all about the money

People are also not just leaving their current roles for more money. People are looking for flexibility, corporate social responsibility and progressive career plans. They are looking at benefits that are not high in monetary value but have the quality of work and life that they are looking for.

These points are just a few examples I have experienced and as I develop my business in my new market, I am hoping to share this with the people looking to move, wanting to move or have already moved. The people I work with have made this journey an exceptional one and I cannot wait to see what experiences the rest of 2019 has to offer.