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2019 Super Rugby Season – people2people Tipping Competition Winners

Posted by Samantha
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Another super rugby season is done and dusted, and the trophy and bragging rights remain with the Crusaders. The season was not without its controversy – with the Sunwolves being axed from the competition after only a couple of years and some questionable umpiring that caused plenty of fans to raise their fist in frustration. Reflecting on the competition and some heated discussions I’ve had this season and thought the following are noteworthy highlights:

Biggest upset of the season: The Sunwolves beating the chiefs at home. It is hard to beat this side at home – they have fierce and loyal fan base who turn up and make sure they are heard.

Biggest disappointment of the season: Lions – after the last three years of competing in the finals, they were nowhere to where to be seen. I am sure next season will see a shake up in the team and some fierce competitive drive to bring their roar back.

Referees: Always a controversial topic and plenty of banter to be shared depending if you are on the winning or losing side. There were a few questionable calls made and plenty of discussion about the use of TMO’s. With the World Cup in a few months, the refs will be under scrutiny and questions will be asked. We need to remember that it is so easy for us as spectators to watch and criticise. Think about your job – do you like it when other people how to tell you how to it?

Most entertaining game: Chiefs vs Crusaders in Fiji. What. A. match! I am a Crusaders fan through and through but golly what a game! It had everything you could ask for in a rugby game! It had suspension, tries, speed, heavy tackles, and a real come from behind victory to the Chiefs. Credit to them, they were written off at half time losing by 20 points and proved everyone wrong with a very comfortable win.

Now that we have seen Scott Robertson bust some celebratory moves on the field and farewelled long term players from their respective teams, my focus will shift to the Rugby Championship and the RWC. I am also very interested to ponder Beauden Barrett’s move to the Blues – will his skills and experience boost their performance and get them off the bottom of the table? Or will we all be asking the question – what was he thinking?

At people2people we’ve enjoyed the season. Here is a list of our weekly tipping competition winners:

  • Week 1 – Peter Harrip
  • Week 2 – Elizabeth Moran and Rob Delanty
  • Week 3 – Heather Vine
  • Week 4 – Dwight George, Jared Purcell and Bruce Gerhardt
  • Week 5 – Adrian Robinson
  • Week 6 – Steve McCann
  • Week 7 – Lynn O’Connor
  • Week 8 – Fiona Meyer and Taryn Lunny
  • Week 9 – Rudy Markram
  • Week 10 – Radi Desnica
  • Week 11 – Michael Scown
  • Week 12 – James Vine and Upul Mendis
  • Week 13 – Shana Lamont
  • Week 14 – Adam Freeland
  • Week 15 – Amine Merheb
  • Week 16 – Shana Lamont
  • Week 17 – Amine Merheb
  • Week 18 – Maria Murray and Dirk Kemp

And our final overall winners of the competition are…

  • 1st prize – Jared Purcell
  • 2nd prize – Dirk Kemp
  • 3rd prize – Ros Dunlop

Thanks everyone for participating to this footy tipping competition, and best of luck for the two remaining competitions: AFL and NRL! See you back next year for the 2020 Super Rugby Tipping Competition.