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Mid-Year Reflections – Have You Set Achievable Goals This Year?

Elizabeth Punshon Posted by Elizabeth
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It’s hard to believe half the year is already over! I’m sure I’m not the only one that has said to themselves, “where has the time gone?”

Every year millions of Australians make New Year’s Resolutions, whether they be around exercise, diet or other habits like saving, reading or charity work. It is important to also set career goals at the beginning of each year. Now that we are at the half-way mark, it’s time to reflect on and review these goals.

If you have set career goals, how are you tracking? If you are a Manager, reflect not only on your own goals but on what your team members said they wanted to achieve. 

Are the goals still realistic and accurate?

Are they are on track?

How can you assist your staff with these goals?  

The SMART goal framework can be helpful with goal setting.

Specific – with any goal it is important to be clear. You need to be able to articulate to yourself and management what your goal is.

Measurable – can you quantify your goal? For example, saying you are happy with your result is not measurable. However, having a 90%+ customer service score is.

Achievable – is your goal attainable? Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself otherwise you will only disappoint yourself and your manager. Setting impractical goals can be very demotivating.

Realistic – given the amount of time left in the year, is your goal realistic?

Timely – set a timeframe or deadline to achieve your goal. If the goal has a no deadline then you won’t be as motivated or driven to achieve it.

At people2people every team member participates in an annual and mid-year review meeting. The annual meeting is to set goals for the year ahead and the mid-year review is to ensure we are on track and reflect on our short and long term career goals. As a Manager, I find it is a very effective way to make sure I am on the same page with my team members and to ensure I’m aware of any career goals and training requirements.

If you are one of those people who always say your diet will start on Monday or next month or in the New Year, you may struggle with progress.  Why not set yourself some realistic goals mid-year to focus on for the rest of the year?

I would encourage you to reflect at this time of the year and look at what you wanted to achieve for the year. Was it specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time focussed? If not you may have been setting yourself up for failure from the beginning! But it is certainly not too late to achieve your goals, whether they are big or small, career or personal.