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Three Tips to Help You Stay Sane in Sales

Jade Evans Posted by Jade
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Working in sales is like a roller coaster. One minute you are having the time of your life, closing sales left, right and centre, and smashing your targets, and the next you are crying into a glass of wine at the end of a hard and stressful week. If you work in sales, there will be bad days. But the good days will be GREAT! Perseverance is key.

Here are some key tips to staying SANE in sales: 

Set goals

Write down your professional and personal goals, these can be broken down to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. The action of writing down your goals and the steps you will take to achieve them will make them seem less overwhelming and easier to achieve and give you focus. There are some great downloadable templates that will keep you on track.

Release the stress

Sales can be a stressful and challenging sector to work in, so you must be able to switch off and have your downtime. Exercising is a great way to clear your mind after a stressful day or a great way to start with a focused mindset! Spending time in nature is a proven stress release so go for a walk in the park, a paddle on the river or a swim at the beach. Don’t be afraid to share your frustrations with your peers or management. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved!

Celebrate the wins!

OMG! When your hard work finally pays off and you close that deal, celebrate it!! It is important to acknowledge the small wins also, celebrating a short-term victory gives insight into and reinforces long-term vision and goals.

I love recruiting in the sales space and hearing stories from my candidates of their big wins, their challenges and the steps they took to overcome hurdles and seal the deal.

Sales can be a rewarding career that when equipped with the right tools, enables you to be the master of your own success. Find a service or a product you a passionate about, and you will ride the ups and downs easily!