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The Benefit of Hiring Temps

Posted by Aalia
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The temporary employment market is always booming with candidates. Why the need for a temp in your workplace, you ask? How about - staff on leave, or away sick, a special project, seasonal peaks or filling a gap whilst recruiting a permanent replacement.

Temporary staff are known for their knowledge, adaptability, and eye for detail. It’s no secret that a boost of manpower at your organisation has the ability to decrease the workload on permanent staff (STOP the burnout), increase productivity and effectively see tasks getting done within a specific timeframe.


Talk the talk

Possessing a natural affinity to connect well with people, the best temps understand the importance of communicating effectively with individuals across all levels of your organisation. Confident, respectful and diligent temps are worth their weight in gold when it comes to prompting those awkward conversations. Given the audience might be less than receptive, this is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ in contracting-land.


Balance and flexibility

An experienced temp enjoys a balanced lifestyle of work and play. They like the flexibility of securing short term/ long term assignments and enjoy having control in their life.

Temps that choose to work exclusively in this type of market are adaptable. Often, they have worked in different industries and locations, dealt with a variety of individuals and they can bring key stakeholders with them on the journey. Engaging with temps in the workplace brings a boost to the office morale and workplace culture, adding to the diversity of the organisation. It could just be the spark that you need.


Think about the organisation

The use of temporary staff provides a cost saving approach.  With previous on the job training, they can fit right into your organisation. Whilst the exact logistics of temporary hires differ from company to company, the process is usually far more cost effective than making a permanent hire. Hiring temps can alleviate the stress and reduce the urgency the company may be facing. The process of working with temps allows the organisation to find the right fit if the opportunity is long standing – an opportunity to “try before you buy”. Another key factor when considering hiring temps is headcount. Due to the recruitment agency being the employer, you have the flexibility to maintain your headcount and still bring on skilled workers, thereby improving your bottom line.


Temps allow flexibility within the organisation. They provide key skill sets that allow the job to get done. There is no playing around when it comes to locking in a temp.  Temp recruiters understand the forever changing market, they understand organisational needs and they know how to lock in great talent fast. With the holiday season approaching, if you need temps, now is the time to lock them in!