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How to Keep Yourself Motivated Going into the New Year

Posted by Samantha
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How To Keep Yourself Motivated Going Into The New Year

Before our social media feeds get flooded with all those “New year - New me” posts, I think it’s important to ask yourself some important questions about your current performance and how that dictates future delivery.

1. How determined are you?

We are in control of our own success and failure. We can either be our biggest critic or our biggest fan. We have the power to determine what is holding us back, what is crippling us from achieving what we set out to achieve. This requires some self-reflection, to really see the wood for the trees! Be kind to yourself, know your limits but set the bar high enough that it pushes you to question your next move – if you are an employee, would you do things differently if it was your own business? What would you do or change in order to drive your business to the next level, no excuses, no limits, just excellence! We owe it to ourselves to be determined enough to create the best version of “me”.

2. What would your clients/colleagues say about you?

We are in a market where reputation, delivery and relationships are the names of the game. We need to be the best, both internally and externally, have integrity and show consistency in our interactions, values and delivery. We should always be asking ourselves “what more can I do for our clients/stakeholders?” We are forever in a game of trading, but take a step back and ask yourself, are you memorable if you are just transactional?

3. Are you practising gratitude?

Are you thankful? Thankful for the work that’s been handed to you? We take everyday actions as part of our job, but it’s important to realise that at any one moment, those actions could stop, and what would you have? Thank the people around you for the smallest action, appreciate the value they have put in to make your job easier. Have a good look at yourself and what you do every day. What do you need to stop – those things that are holding you back, and what do you need to start doing? What can you do to be the best version of yourself for both you and the people around you?

4. Who are you to you?

In an ever-challenging marketplace, we may be trying to be better than the next person. When in fact true value sits in how we perceive ourselves. What time do we invest in ourselves? Set at least five minutes a week to learn something new, enrich yourself, have new conversations and expand your life experiences. If the goal you have set doesn’t scare you, then it is not big enough, it’s not pushing you enough. Be present and value yourself – be fit, fulfilled and have fun!

5. What would you say to future you?

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure how to do it, just say yes and learn how to do it later. Be a shameless self-promotor when you are having a good month, inspire others and put yourself out there! Find joy, happiness, laughter and just smile. But most importantly, remember point number six.

6. Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Enjoy yourself, be proud of yourself and value the work you do and what you achieve.

If you take anything from this then I hope it is that you realise that you are far more capable then you might have ever thought possible, that in fact, you might actually be unstoppable.