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The Top 5 Most Desirable Employee Benefits

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Most Desirable Employee Benefits

Discover the top 5 most desirable employee benefits 

Getting paid has traditionally been the main reason for going to work, however, in recent years, employees and job seekers are looking at what benefits an employer can offer on top of the salary. Employee benefits, aka ‘perks’, can help to create a more positive working environment, leading to greater satisfaction. 

Satisfied and happy employees are focussed, productive and more committed to their job. So, if you’re looking for a new role, what is important to you? 

These are some of the top perks offered by some employers

1. Flexible and remote working 

Many employees want (in some cases need) to have more flexibility in their work schedule. Whether it’s the ability to alter working hours or days, or the option to work from home on a regular or as needed basis, flexibility is beneficial to employers and employees. It’s not just working parents looking for flexibility – others may need time to study, or to care for elderly parents, or to exercise or partake in their favourite hobby. Flexibility can underpin work/life balance. 

2. Professional Development 

Most employees want the opportunity for career development. Employers who offer training, coaching or supported tertiary education are in high demand. Programs may cover personal as well as professional development. There’s an old adage about workplace training. An employer may ask, “what if I train them and they leave?” And the response, “what if you don’t train them and they stay?” 

3. Health and Wellness 

In life, our health is our most valuable asset. We all want to take better care of ourselves and employees often look for employers who will help them to do that. If an employee's health suffers, it can have flow-on effects to their work and productivity. 

Health and wellness benefits can range from providing fruit and healthy snacks for staff through to covering costs for private health insurance, psychological counselling, massages, yoga and exercise classes, gym memberships and more. 

4. Leave Benefits 

A good leave policy can be attractive to potential employees. Some employers offer additional annual leave after various lengths of service, extra parental leave, cultural leave, birthday day-offs and charity days – enabling employees to volunteer for the charity of their choice and give back to the community. 

Many also have schemes in place enabling staff to purchase additional leave, even a 5/1 scheme which means taking a reduced salary for four years and then having the fifth year off work fully paid. Some global companies have introduced “Discretionary Time Off” (DTO) where they no longer set leave entitlements in stone – they can be negotiated between the employee and their manager. 

5. On-Site facilities

The perks of onsite childcare facilities, a gym, fitness classes, swimming pool, or even a ping-pong or pool table can factor into the decision-making process when looking for jobs. Fitness is a priority for many people today, especially for those with office jobs so easy access to facilities is definitely welcomed. 

Whether you are searching for a job, deciding on an employment offer or are happily employed, it’s good to know what benefits are offered by your current or potential employer. Remember though that perks are just that – perks. You still need to enjoy what you. It’s great to love your job.