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How to Save Time Within Your HR Team

Kirsty Henegan Posted by Kirsty
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​As we all know, things can change with little or no warning.

You can plan for some situations - an event or a project - but unexpected resignations or even a global pandemic are likely to catch you off-guard and feeling overwhelmed. Life is unpredictable. Some days you’re on top of your workload and feel like you can take on the world – you can visualise where you’re heading and what you want to achieve - other days, well, let’s just say, you can’t visualise the woods for the trees.

On those days you might consider some temporary support. Listing your pain points and the key areas you need support in is a good place to start. You might consider, for example, someone to take sole responsibility for certain tasks leaving you free to pursue more pressing matters, or someone who can simply assist you as you go through your day, making your life a little easier. Adding a temporary resource to your team is a brilliant way to get your job done. But where do you even start?

Isn’t it ironic? You need additional support because there aren’t enough hours in the day which invariably means you’re too busy to find that someone too. Advertising, reviewing CV’s, screening, interviewing, verifying and speaking with referees all take time and complying with health & safety and employment law obligations is paramount. Such a huge investment in time for a position you’re not even sure exists yet (and what if you still don’t find the right person after all that?).

Due consideration should also be given to your brand. Every CV in your inbox will need to be responded to in a way that provides a memorable brand experience. How do you say “it’s not you, it’s me” without the negative connotation? The good news is that we take care of that too. We consider ourselves custodians of your employer brand and we understand that every touch point must be memorable for all the right reasons.

So, once you’ve identified your need, get in touch with our team of specialist temp consultants. We work collaboratively to find you the right person (or people) with not only those hard skills you so desperately need, but the all-important soft skills. We select only the best temporary talent who are all interviewed by a Frog Talentologist, credit and background checked (if required) and reference checked twice. If you’re not already a Frog client, we will first seek to understand your organisation, visit you on site to meet your team and observe your environment then consider one of our hand-picked temps who will meet all your requirements, including team and organisation “fit”. Most Frog temps have worked with us before in a variety of assignments so we know where they will thrive and, more importantly, where they will exceed your expectations. There’s a reason many of our Frog temps are offered permanent positions with our clients.

So, that’s the selection process sorted, but we’ve also taken the hassle out of paying for your temporary resource. Our temp rates are extremely competitive and include all payroll costs and employer obligations. You won’t need to manage holiday pay, sick pay, public holidays, ACC, or KiwiSaver costs, it’s all included in our fee. We take care of IRD too. Our timesheet authorisation process is as easy as opening an email and clicking on a link. Our invoicing is simple too. You only pay for each hour worked and nothing else.

Lastly, If your needs change mid-assignment or you no longer require support, we take care of that conversation too. Our minimum assignment period is four hours so the length of time you have a temp on board is up to you - and there is no minimum notice period?

What could be simpler? Take a few moments now to get in touch and we will save you hours of time and stress. Peace of mind is a phone call away: 0800 GO FROG.