A Doggy Policy for a Doggy Office!

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By Craig Williams, Country Manager, PETstock NZ.

A robust policy is required if you are keen to have ‘canine colleagues’ in the workspace.

Check out this simple policy to get you started:

Dogs need to be well-trained, obedient, and sociable.

Dogs need to be clean, potty trained, properly vaccinated, and free of parasites.

Owners are 100% responsible, 100% of the time, for their dog’s wellbeing.

Owners must take breaks, feed and water and clean up after their dog.

Health & Safety standards for allowing dogs in the workplace such as dog-free areas for those who do not like dogs or are allergic, are required.

Ensure landlord policies are not being breached.

NO DOG SHALL: exhibit aggressive behaviour; disrupt co-workers, inhibit work productivity; bark excessively.

Ok, with your policy in place, now what about some cute, stylish or practical ‘office accessories’ for your working pooch!

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