The Superpower of a Dog at Work

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#NZTOPDOG is BACK! Get your dog in today.​

Pets in the workplace make employees happier, increase productivity and team morale, improve employee retention, decrease stress and absenteeism – just be being themselves. How’s that for pawsome!

Since the launch of NZ Top Office Dog (2014) Frog Recruitment has observed a steady increase of businesses that are open to their employees bringing their (well-behaved) dog to work.

Be it on a building site in their own vizy-vest, supporting the gang at the ad agency, adding light relief at the courier company or legal firm; there is no doubt that Willow, Ruby, Allen, Whisky, Lottie or Texas have super-powers that make a positive impact!

5 Science-Backed Reasons to Have Dogs In The Workplace.

1.      Stress Reduction

A ‘stress-reduction tactic’, a policy that allows a dog in the workplace helps the mood of everyone in the office and there’s research to prove it.

  • Deakin University: ‘contact with a dog can provide an effective strategy in the prevention of mental ill health.’

  •   Washington State University: ‘patting a dog for just 10 minutes a day reduces stress because as you cuddle or stroke a dog, your body releases oxytocin, a stress reducing hormone.’

  • Virginia Commonwealth University: ‘employees who brought their dog to work stayed considerably less stressed than those who left their dog at home.’

2.      Increase Retention / Decrease Absences

A welcoming, relaxed work environment creates a workspace that humans are less likely to want to leave.Allowing employees to bring their canine friend to work can make them feel valued which translates into loyalty and talent retention. The less the stress, the less the absenteeism; the more job satisfaction the better the retention.

3.      Drive Up Morale

Dogs have a magic way of lightening the mood and making people smile which in turn, lifts the morale in the workplace. For many years, organisations have dreamt up ‘ice breaker’ activities to get people interacting, but it appears that a four-legged colleague can quietly engineer this to happen every day they are on the job – even by video link!

4.      Optimal Performance!

Possibly seeming counterproductive, studies show that regular breaks such as walking the dog, are an ideal refresher or distraction to encourage positive mental breaks which support people to perform optimally. Clearing the mind by literally walking the dog for a short break is an excellent way to boost brain power.

5.      Boost Productivity

Dogs remind humans to pause/step back/take five/go for a walk/have a little playtime - all of which helps clear the mind and boosts brain power – and is a sure-fired way to boost productivity.

#NZTOPDOG is BACK! Get your dog in here. Proudly brought to you by Frog Recruitment and PETstock, your NZ retailer of pet supplies.

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