Privacy Policy


UPDATED JULY 2018 Your privacy is important to us at Frog Recruitment and we want to be sure that you understand the terms and conditions relating to the way in which we collect information and the use of that information. This Privacy Policy tells you what information we collect, what we do with it and your rights to view, correct or change it. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner ( provides further details of the New Zealand Privacy Act and how it protects personal information in New Zealand. 


Generally, personal information will be collected from you directly when you complete an application form or submit your resume, either online or in hard copy, attend an interview, or otherwise provide us with personal information in person or vi a telephone, email, fax, post or other means, whether at Frog Recruitment’s request or at your own initiative. Personal information may also be collected from a source other than you when:

  • You submit an application form or your resume through a third-party website;

  • We undertake reference checks by inquiring with, or we otherwise receive references or performance feedback (whether negative or positive) from, any of your former or current employers, work colleagues, professional associations or registration bodies (reference checks are only undertaken with your consent);

  • We receive results of any medical tests or criminal history checks, (which are only undertaken with your consent);

  • We receive results from any competency tests in which you participate;

  • We receive results from any other online process or testing including but not limited to assessments, induction courses and background checks carried out by Workpro, Xref or other provider on Frog Recruitment’s behalf;

  • We undertake a check to assess your eligibility to work within New Zealand;

  • We receive any complaint from or about you in the workplace;

  • We receive information from your employer for the provision of employee benefits or career assessments for candidates receiving our career transition or training services;

  • We receive information about a workplace accident in which you were involved; and

  • We receive any information about any insurance investigation, litigation, registration or professional disciplinary matter, criminal matter, inquest or inquiry in which you were or are involved during, or in connection with, a work placement.

There may be other occasions when Frog Recruitment collects your personal information from other sources such as an information services provider, your employer or ex-employer or a publicly maintained record, including records publicly available through social media.  Generally, Frog Recruitment will only collect your personal information from sources other than you if it is unreasonable or impracticable to collect your personal information from you. If you complete an online registration form on the Frog Recruitment website, the information that you enter on the form will only be collected if you actually submit the form (by post), in person, or via the internet. 


Frog Recruitment collects, holds, uses and discloses your personal information where it is reasonably necessary for the purposes of providing you with recruitment, work placement services, career transition and training services. This may include using and disclosing your personal information to facilitate or otherwise in connection with:

  • You being offered employment or an engagement with a client of Frog Recruitment;

  • Your actual or potential work placements with clients of Frog Recruitment

  • Undertaking performance appraisals in relation to your former or current work placements with clients of Frog Recruitment;

  • Any test, assessments or checks (including medical tests and assessments and criminal record checks) that you might be required to undergo for the purposes of assessing your suitability for a potential work placement or task with a client of Frog Recruitment;

  • Identifying and facilitating your training needs;

  • Any necessary workplace rehabilitation during, or for the purposes of, a current or future work placement with a client of Frog Recruitment in accordance with applicable legislation;

  • The management of any complaint, investigation or enquiry in which you are involved during a work placement with a client of Frog Recruitment

  • Any insurance claim or proposal in which Frog Recruitment is involved by virtue of your current or previous work placements with a client of Frog Recruitment;

  • You being offered career transition services upon termination of your employment with your current or ex-employer; and/or assessing training needs.

Frog Recruitment may also collect, hold, use or disclose your personal information for:

  • Administrative and business management purposes;

  • Marketing purposes and to identify and inform you of products and services that may be of interest to you;

  • Its own internal recruitment processes.

Before disclosing any personal information to an overseas recipient, Frog Recruitment takes steps reasonable in the circumstances to ensure the overseas recipient complies with the New Zealand Privacy Act (1993) or is bound by a substantially similar privacy scheme which allows you a personal right of enforcement, unless you consent to the overseas disclosure or it is otherwise required or permitted by law.


Frog Recruitment Ltd operates the website As part of our operations we may gather certain types of information about the users of our sites:

  • Personally identifiable information. This is provided by you when you register for services that we may offer. Examples of these services could include email newsletters or competitions. Providing this information will always be optional for you. However, some services may not be available to you if you chose not to provide it.

  • Aggregated data. This information is generated by our systems as they track traffic through our sites. This information does not identify you personally and is not linked to the personally identifiable information that you may have provided.


We will not share the information that we collect with any third parties apart from in the following circumstances: through our site you register with us, apply for a job, send through your CV or contact us via an Email, some details, not always all, may be used by Frog Recruitment Staff/Consultants/Employees.

The information may be hosted with a service provider. Our agreements with them protect the information that we collect from any use by them that we have not authorised. 

  • The aggregated data (not the personally identifiable information) may be shared with third parties such as advertisers or business partners.

  • Your personally identifiable information may be shared with third parties when we believe in good faith that we are required to do so by law. If we have asked your prior permission (which we would usually do at the time of collection), we may share the information with specified third parties.


 We have collected this information in order to provide the best possible service to you while you are visiting our sites. To this end we may use the information that you provide for the following purposes:

  • To verify your identity if you need help with a forgotten password or you are having login problems with one of our site services.

  • To process any transactions or queries that you might make on our site.

  • To help provide any other services that you have requested.

  • To offer the most relevant information suitable to your and your interests.

  • For any marketing, promotional, publicity, direct marketing or market research that we might undertake.

  • For any other purposes for which you have given permission.


 A cookie is a small file that resides on your computer and is recognised by our server when you visit our sites. A cookie does not provide us with any personally identifiable information. It does provide details of your IP address, the computer platform that you use (eg Mac or Windows), the browser that you use (eg Microsoft Explorer or Netscape) and what domain you are accessing our sites from.With this information we can do the following: 

  • Track traffic patterns to our site.

  • Ensure that the most relevant content is being shown.

  • Allow you to enter certain site member services without having to log in each time you visit.

  • If you would rather we did not use cookies with you, you can refuse them by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive. You will still be able to visit our sites.


Frog Recruitment may use and disclose your personal information other than any sensitive information in order to inform you of products, services, opportunities and special events that may be of interest to you. In the event you do not wish to receive such communications, you can opt-out by contacting Frog Recruitment via the contact details set out below or through any opt-out mechanism contained in a marketing communication to you. 
Remi Marcelin
Marketing + Communication
0064 9 362 0528 


Frog Recruitment takes all reasonable steps to ensure personal information it holds is protected against misuse, interference and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Frog Recruitment holds personal information in both hard copy and electronic forms in secure databases on secure premises, accessible only by authorised staff. Frog Recruitment will destroy or de-identify personal information in circumstances where it is no longer required, unless Frog Recruitment is otherwise required or authorised by law to retain the information.


Frog Recruitment takes steps reasonable in the circumstances to ensure personal information it holds is accurate, up -to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading. Under the Privacy Act, you have a right to access and seek correction of your personal information that is collected and held by Frog Recruitment. 

If at any time you would like to access or correct the personal information that Frog Recruitment holds about you, or you would like more information on Frog Recruitment’s approach to privacy, please email Frog Recruitment via the contact details set out below:  

Annie O’Keefe
Chief Talentologist
0064 9 362 0528 

To obtain access to your personal information:

  • You will have to provide proof of identity. This is necessary to ensure that personal information is provided only to the correct individuals and that the privacy of others is protected;

  • Frog Recruitment requests that you be reasonably specific about the information you require; and

  • Frog Recruitment may charge you a reasonable administration fee, which reflects the cost to Frog Recruitment for providing access in accordance with your request.

  • Frog Recruitment will endeavour to respond to your request to access or correct your personal information within 30 days from your request.

If Frog Recruitment refuses your request to access or correct your personal information, Frog Recruitment will provide you with written reasons for the refusal and details of complaint mechanisms.  


Please direct all privacy complaints to Frog Recruitment’s Privacy Compliance Officer via the contact details below: 
Vikki WaltonPrivacy
Compliance Officer
0064 9 362 0528 

At all times, privacy complaints:

  • Will be treated seriously;

  • Will be dealt with promptly

  • Will be dealt with in a confidential manner; and

  • Will not affect your existing obligations or affect the commercial arrangements between you and Frog Recruitment.


For further information or enquiries regarding personal information that Frog Recruitment holds about you, or if you would like to opt out of receiving any promotional communications, please write to: 

Frog Recruitment 
Level 10, 151 Queen Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
or email: