Job Hunting Tips

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Leanne Lazarus Posted by Leanne
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When applying for a new role – your resume is your first selling tool that a future employer/recruiter will see and read – so make sure it hits the mark and that you sell yourself on skills, experience and achievements. 

Having worked in recruitment for several years, I have seen some amazing resumes that cover the selection criteria from an advert, demonstrate experience and skills gained, highlights what the candidate can offer and explains what they are looking for in their next role.  But in saying that, I have also received several resumes that just don’t tick the boxes required for the role.

Here’s a few tips for when you are preparing your resume:

  • Don’t add a picture to your front cover or emboss it in the background
  • Ensure you have your contact details on your resume (yes, believe it not, some people forget this!)
  • Colour paper/flower boarders are distractors from your skills/experience so don’t use them
  • Read the whole job advertisement - align your experience to the skills/experience/selection criteria outlined in the advert
  • Provide one or two achievements for each role you have held – a proven track record counts in your favour
  • Share a summary that explains what you are looking for from the next role such as the culture and company
  • Keep it to the point – short, sharp and sweet is a winner – solid paragraphs are harder to read and stop us from easily identifying what you can bring!

Remember, your resume is your first selling point – your second will be you when you call to follow up on your application/resume!  Always put the best foot forward with a resume that shines bright as your skills will be compared to multiple candidates applying for the same role. Shine bright like a diamond!